Living La Vida Loca in London


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Home, Away and Back or
Home is where the Dog is.

As a girl from the Southern United States, the concept of home has been fairly static. I grew up in a family that went to my great-grandparents’ “Homeplace” for family gatherings. I have made my home in many houses, but they have been in the familiarity, if not comfort, of my own culture.

Sparkie and I made our home in London for just shy of 4 years and loved it. Coming back to the States was a crash landing, but we have settled into the family home, not too far from Atlanta.

I am a graphic designer by trade, a painter and a storyteller through DNA. I am on a quest to combine these parts, which I've kept separate, into one integrated creative expression.

This website is part of my story of this journey. My design work has always been controlled and methodical, yet my paintings are unrestrained and expressive. Welcome to the clutter.